Herbapol - masz to w naturze

Social responsibility

A family is like a tree – for it to fully bloom, it has to draw strength from its robust roots.

With the “Nature of Generations” programme, launched for the 65th anniversary of Herbapol Lublin, the company  highlights that the Nature of our generations lies behind our every activity.

“Nature of Generations” is a thread of understanding between us, nature and you. These are the values we have cherished for years and want to protect – family, friends and authority figures.

“Nature of Generations” brings us closer and shows how to be open to others, teaches us respect and how be kind to each other.

Polish natural world constitutes an inherent part of the “Nature of Generations”. Every day we take from its wealth, keeping in mind future generations so that they will also be able to draw upon what’s best in nature.



It is our pleasure to support local communities. It is our way of thanking them for choosing our products for 70 years now.

One Day Foundation

In December 2019, once again we decided to support a charity. This year, we chose One Day Foundation taking care...


We supported animal shelter in Lublin!

On February 14th, our representatives visited animal shelter in Lublin to donate all items collected among our employees. This time, we...


We supported the Great Orchestra!

We began this year with donating several thousand of our tea and hrbal drinks, as well as other products, to...


Christmas support

On December 8th and 9th, the Weekend of Miracles took place across Poland. Volunteers supporting the Noble Box initiative visited...


We support local communities

One of Herbapol-Lublin’s priorities is to support those in need. Every year, we donate our products to local communities. This...


Solidarity Run

On October 18th, 3rd Solidarity Run took place in Tarnobrzeg. The runners take part in it to express their solidarity...